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Congratulations on taking the first step
to turn your dream of being published into reality!

Whether you're writing fiction, memoir, non-fiction or even a children’s book– these universal techniques can work for you.

In this class you’ll learn what I teach my private clients on how to write a better book in less time. This is coveted insider information that almost no one is teaching – let alone all in one place. You’re about to learn what successful authors do before they write their books. There is a particular system to set up your book for success and a winning structure to sell it.

If you want to shave months, even years off the writing process and save yourself the pain of getting lost in tedious edits, keep reading!

These techniques set up your book for success from the get-go so typical first-time author mistakes don’t hurt your chances of getting published.


1)   Understand the Publishing Industry
2)   Discover Your Best Selling Concept
3)   Develop & Test Your Best Selling Concept
4)   Create a Winning Book Outline from Your Best Selling Concept
5)   Only Then... Write Your Book

These techniques can help you avoid the most common first-time writer mistakes, write a first draft closer to the final draft, not get lost in confusing rewrites, and most importantly - stay efficient and organized so you never give up on your dream of getting published!

Too many first-time authors get lost halfway through their first draft and give up on ever finishing it because they can’t see their way through edits and rewrites. Even worse, they give up on their dreams of getting published. But when you set yourself up for success before you write your book - your chances of finishing it and selling it increase exponentially.

Getting published isn’t a miracle. Nor is it luck. It's knowing how to set up your book for success before you write it. - Donna Sozio

If you’re tired of writing in circles or getting passed over by literary agents and publishers, when you know your book is worthy of getting published and will make an impact – keep reading!

What you’re about to learn can save you years of frustration!

Writing and finishing a publishable book is a monumental task. In my professional opinion – writing your book before properly setting it up first is a mistake that can cost you your dream of getting published.

Whether you have an idea for a book, you've just started writing it, or are nearly finished – the strategies, principles, and insider tactics introduced in this course can set you up for success. Expertly organizing your book up front can pay off all the way down the line from faster edits to getting a literary agent, and a book deal with a major publisher.

Remember, getting published isn't luck.
It’s the result of learning what it takes to sell your book.

First-time author mistakes can keep you stuck. There are many myths about getting published that can keep you stuck as well. This information shows you the pathway that professional authors use to prepare their books for success.


Learning how to set-up your book for success is like putting together a puzzle. Yet, if you don’t know what all the pieces are how are you supposed to put it together?

That’s where this course comes in.

You’ll learn tips, tools, and tactics that most first-time writers would never think of on their own.  This is hard won wisdom I’ve gathered over two decades working in the publishing, media, and film industries. These are insider publishing secrets that successful authors use repeatedly.

This course is designed to turn frustrated writers into successful authors and to give you the information you need for your book to get the press and praise it deserves!

PREPARATION :: I'm thrilled to share this process with you. These tactics have transformed my private clients from frustrated writers to successful authors. Please read the course materials in order as the concepts build on each other.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND :: If you've been writing your book for a long time, it doesn't guarantee that you’ve been doing it correctly. You may have been making the same first-time author mistakes over and over again for years. That is what I call Frustrated Writer Syndrome - when you aren't open to changing habits to create success. It's imperative to keep an open mind. In this course there may be some unlearning to do as you release habits that kept you stuck and replace them with the winning tactics that successful writers use.

DEFINITIONS :: In the next section you'll find a list of common terms in the publishing industry that you may or may not be familiar with. When dealing with literary agents and publishers, you want to be up to speed on all the lingo. That way you’ll look like a publishing pro even if you’re a total beginner.

TOOLS :: All you need is an open mind, commitment, paper, a pen, the Internet and a computer.

SCHEDULE :: This is a self-guided course where you work at your own pace. Feel free to review any lesson for a deeper understanding. Aha moments happen at any time. Sometimes the lesson clicks at the end, and you’ll want to read it again.

NAVIGATING THIS WORKSHOP :: Simply click "Complete & Continue" at the bottom of the page to move to the next section. You can go back and review past lessons at any time.

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